Fancast Show & Tell: Pillow Talk with Ashley Hamilton – Ashley Hamilton

Fancast Show & Tell: Pillow Talk with Ashley Hamilton


Show & Tell: Pillow Talk with Ashley Hamilton
by Tracy Phillips
Sep 17th, 2009 | 11:40 AM0 0
Lots of perks come with being the ‘Dancing’ queen, er, ‘expert’ for Fancast.

I’ve been twirled in the ballroom by Tony Dovolani. I got the infamous wink from Warren Sapp. And I’ve been charmed on many occasions by the Bad Boy of the Dance Floor.

Now I have a new coup to add to the list. I got a ‘Star’ in bed.

Okay, not really! But Ashley Hamilton did call me from bed. The 35-year-old actor/comedian/songwriter/celebrity son/starlet ex-husband can now add dancer to that string of identifiers.

Those of you who wonder what Ashley is doing ‘Dancing’ might just be surprised after getting to know the wickedly funny multi-hyphenate celeb. And when you have a dad as dapper as George Hamilton, how can some of that not rub off?

Before he stumbled out of bed for another grueling round of early morning rehearsals for Season 9 of ‘Dancing with the Stars,’ Hamilton gave me a ring and we talked ‘Dancing’ dreams and reality nightmares.

First observation: Sleepy celebs give funnier answers.

Why did you want to do ‘Dancing with the Stars’?
“Because it pays better than ‘Celebrity Rehab.'”

It’s cute that you’re paired with Edyta Sliwinska, who danced with your father George Hamilton in Season 2.
“Edyta’s pretty great…she drags me around the floor. And after about the first two hours I black out anyway, so I don’t know what we are rehearsing for at this point.”

Did your dad give you any advice?
“Just smile and drink a Red Bull and you’ll be fine.”

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