Artist Direct: EP of the Week: Ashley Hamilton & The Lonely Hearts 'Act One' - Ashley Hamilton

Artist Direct: EP of the Week: Ashley Hamilton & The Lonely Hearts ‘Act One’

Multi-talented actor and singer/songwriter is making his mark.

Right now, Ashley Hamilton is on one of the hottest shows on television with his famous family, E!’s Stewarts & Hamiltons. However, that’s not the most notable thing the actor [Iron Man 3] is up to. Hamilton recently cut a show-stopping five-song EP, Act One, out now via LAVA/Republic Records. It’s a platform for him to truly step up and shine as a musician. His husky and bluesy voice instantly captivates on the likes of “Oh Baby” and “Ovaltine” where rustic instrumentation bristles just beneath the delivery.

However, the single “S’All Good” really stands out—with good reason. “I’ll be damned if I give a damn” quickly etches itself in your head as Hamilton carries it with charisma and confidence. That hook is an example of his songwriting acumen, while the devotion and passion shine through once he’s behind the mic. Everything closes out on the pensive and poetic “Half of It” where he leaves one final ponderous word.

The best thing about Act One though is that it’s very title hints at more to come. Hamilton’s own “play” is really getting interesting with this body of work. “S’All Good” for fans everywhere that he’s making tunes.

—Rick Florino


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